DoublePane is a Utility I Use Daily

I’m constantly moving information from one window into another on my Mac or reading in one window and taking notes in another. The way most people do it is to grab a corner of their application window drag it to fill about half of the screen. You then do the same thing with the second window and get to work. Sure, it only takes a few seconds, but it’s just enough friction and you do it just often enough that a shortcut would be amazingly handy.  

Welcome to your better future. Here’s what I did.  

  • Read about a little utility called DoublePane.
  • Download said utility from the Mac App Store.  
  • Now that the program is installed, set up a few shortcuts. You don’t want to use this from your toolbar. Seriously, shortcuts are the way to go here. I use control & option and an arrow key as my keyboard shortcuts. See the photo below to set yours up like I have mine. 
  • To use, bring the window you want on the left half and hit your shortcut. Click on the other window and hit the other shortcut. Now you have two perfectly sized windows to work between.


Thanks to Mr. J.J. Seid for showing me this app. Thanks to Mr. Quint Anderson for asking me how I do the tricks I do, this post is for you.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett