Stop Sitting Around - Get Back Into Shape

Last year, I committed to run 1000 miles. This year I didn’t. The weight shift in just a short amount of time has been unreal. Yeah, I mean in the wrong direction.  

This year, I’ve been cranking at work, it’s been hectic as we’ve grown and my job has shifted. Sadly, I sit on my butt looking at a computer nearly all day. I’m telling you, the weeks and months of not running and just sitting add up. Now, I’m looking to get back down to a healthy weight and to get back into shape. 

Bill Trenchard writes at First Round Review:

Not too long ago, the average human used to walk 12 miles a day. Now we sit. We sit a lot. We sit so much. It’s so bad for us that Harvard Business Review has called it the smoking of our generation. If you work in tech, you average 9.3 hours sitting every day. This is more than you sleep. As people, we’re meant to move. It’s vital to our health, but also our ability to be effective. Here are three quick hacks in this department:

The seven-minute workout. It’s scientifically proven. The New York Times has spoken. You do 12 exercises in seven minutes and it works.

Take walking meetings. Almost everyone has one-on-one meetings. Suggest taking a walk instead of sitting in a conference room or a coffee shop.

Ask for a standing desk. Most offices now accommodate these requests. They’ve been proven to reduce risks of heart disease and cancer and boost mood and alertness. And if you’re really committed to daily movement, try a walking desk.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett