Burnout Comes in Three Varieties

We’ve got to figure this burnout stuff out. I’m hearing more and more of my friends talking about dealing with health issues, relational issues, and family problems due to stress.  

Let’s try to identify a few varieties of stress:  

The frenetic employee who works toward success until exhaustion, is most closely related to emotional venting. These individuals might try to cope with their stress by complaining about the organizational hierarchy at work, feeling as though it imposes limits on their goals and ambitions. That coping strategy, unsurprisingly, seems to lead to a stress overload and a tendency to throw in the towel.

Lack of Development
Most closely associated with an avoidance coping strategy. These under-challenged workers tend to manage stress by distancing themselves from work, a strategy that leads to depersonalization and cynicism — a harbinger for burning out and packing up shop.

Seems to stem from a coping strategy based on giving up in the face of stress. Even though these individuals want to achieve a certain goal, they lack the motivation to plow through barriers to get to it.

I’m going to continue thoughts on burnout and eventually get to some solutions over the next few days and weeks.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett