Let's Talk About Shortsighted Leaders

Shortsighted leaders just don’t delegate. They want all the glory, now. That’s no way to work. Teams can get more done than any one person can do, if they’re managed correctly. We don’t manage well, so we carry the weight all alone.

Dan Rockwell on shortsighted leaders:

  • Hoard work.
  • Need to feel indispensable. Successful leaders keep working themselves out of jobs.
  • Prevent others from taking ownership by clinging to authority.
  • Have disengaged, unmotivated teams. Teammates disengage when you don’t leverage their skills and passions.

Why don’t you delegate? 

  • Fear of losing the spotlight.
  • It’s easier to trust yourself than others.
  • Burned in the past.
  • Unequipped employees.
  • Organizational culture that honors results over managing for results.

It takes time to build teams, to get the right people working beside you. It takes even more time to train them to accomplish great things. All of this will slow you down. It’s productive slow down, though. You have to bite the bullet and grow as a leader so that others around you can carry the load with you.  

I’ll bet there are teams of people working jobs all over our cities just sitting there full of potential and leaders are just letting it sit, untapped. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Then blow up their roadblocks and do what you do well.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett