The Best iPhone Email App for Power Users

I’m always searching for an email program for my iPhone that works the way I want it to. So far Mailbox has been doing the job just fine. Another contender is on the market, and it’s interesting. I’ve been playing with Dispatch for a week and it might just be too powerful for me. Might it be too much tool for you?

The Sweet Setup:  

Email has been with us for more than two decades now, but many of us still struggle to manage our overflowing inbox. One of the most common, and convenient, ways to access that inbox is through our iPhones. I tried a dozen different email apps for the iPhone to see if any actually helped me get through my email faster. In the end, I found Dispatch to be the best at culling through messages and extracting what I need so I can get on with the real work of my life.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett