Let's Solve This Burnout Issue: Step One - Address it Now

You’re taking on too much. You’ve got the job, the family, the second job, the hobby job, the hobby that isn’t yet a job, and then the several hours of computer, iPhone, and iPad “work” you do too. You have conflict in each of these areas, physical and mental stress hits and it accumulates. Yeah, it piles on.  

Let’s get something straight, you weren’t designed to take on as much as you’re taking on. You weren’t created to carry the unresolved conflict sitting on your shoulders. The tension at work, the arguments at home, the Facebook comments that turn into fights are all too much.  

You need to address the mess today. Make some changes and make them now. What can you do to address the issues specifically? Let’s look at just a few ways.  

  • Quit Facebook for a while. You’re addicted. Stop.  
  • Talk to that co-worker with whom you’re feuding. Take the high road, apologize for the problem, give a chance for forgiveness to happen. It will for sure trigger some up front tension. Resolving it now, instead of next month, year, or never, will relieve a lot of stress.  
  • Get some couples counseling through your church or through a recommended counseling center. This has worked wonders in my family.  
  • Take a timeout on the hobby job. A hobby turned into a job is no longer a life giving hobby for most people. It’s a new stressor with added responsibilities that you might not have time to do. If the hobby job is making a lot of money, quit the high stress job and do something you love doing. Do the math, get some advice, and possibly turn that hobby job into the full time job.
  • Get more sleep
  • Join a gym and then actually go. You won’t go if you don’t build it into your calendar. Book the time just like you would an appointment with a client. You need to take care of you.
  • Take a vacation. Not the stressful trip to Disney World, the one where you lay out at the pool and read, rest, relax.  
  • Take a spiritual retreat. You’d be surprised the number of spiritual getaway spots in your state. Get some alone time, pray, center, read, enjoy not speaking, turn off that phone, and don’t bring your computer. It’s okay, you have permission to unplug. Stop feeling guilty.

The point is to do something now, quit putting off burnout solutions. Your body isn’t handling the stress well and you’re making yourself sick. Let’s get healthy.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett