Let's Solve This Burnout Issue: Step Two - Open Up to Trusted People

In my previous post on solving burnout, we talked about addressing the issue in very practical ways. This time we’ll chat about something most of us are terrible doing… Being vulnerable.

We tend to go dark and isolate ourselves when we’re burnt out. I know when I’m dealing with burnout I like to come home, turn out the lights and just hide. The TV comes on for way too many hours, as I just let my brain go to mush. I also eat way too much strawberry shortcake (don’t ask). It’s a dark place I go to when I’m trying to avoid dealing with issues.

It’s time for us to open up and share our stresses, strains, frustrations with people we trust. When you feel like you’re in a dark place the most dangerous thing you can do is figure out how you can avoid all human contact and succeed.

Open up to your trusted friends or family members. Deal with your pride. It’s pride that keeps me from opening up to the people who I know rely on me for strength. It’s shame that prevents me from admitting that I’m overworking, neglecting my family, and burying myself in my workload.

It’s wrong to keep ignoring the problem. You think it will just go away. It won’t until you actually address the issues causing burnout, deal with the symptoms, and spill your guts. You can’t do life alone.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett