Quick Tip: Changing the Priority of Your Network Connections

The Sweet Setup explaining how to ensure you’re always using your fastest internet connection.

Take my MacBook Air, for example. At work, I use the Wi-Fi in my office, but at my desk, I want to use Ethernet via my Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock to connect to our network for faster file transfers to our local server. At home, I also use wireless, but often plug into my wired network via Apple’s Thunderbolt to Ethernet adaptor. To do this, I re-ordered my service order to ensure Ethernet would come first, regardless of how it’s physically connected to my device.

Hit the link to see images on exactly how to do this. Great tip, one I didn’t know until today. I had previously just turned off Wifi when I plugged in my ethernet cable at work.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett