Dali's Slumber With a Key

Dali, one of my favorite artists, was the king of the power nap. He'd sit holding a key in his hand hovering above a metal plate and when he'd nod off, the clang would wake him up. His famous, "slumber with a key" was perviously attributed to Aristotle and Einstein too.

Almost Bohemian says:

The idea is that you release your mind as part of a cognitive conditioning that heightens awareness and sensitivity while inducing the deepest dream moments. Wow that sounds intense! Basically, it lets your mind wander just long enough to let your creative juices flow. I realize this sounds absurd, or in the very least, quite silly. But if it’s good enough for Dali, well I figured why not for me?

A brief afternoon nap is a strong tool in my energy arsenal. Coffee is too, but we'll get into that later.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett