Meetings Without An Agenda, No Way

You'd think I'd learn my lesson about wasting hours of precious time, nope. The plan is simple, don't book any meeting without an agenda. Serious, it's that simple. Why don't we stick to that rule? We don't want to offend. Another hour wasted and I'm over that mess.

Four people sitting in a room without an agenda for an hour are wasting nearly four hours of potentially productive work. A twenty minute meeting with a clearly outlined agenda gets real work done and saves everyone time.

Next time someone calls or emails to ask for a meeting, just ask them to shoot you the specifics of the conversation. If they never do, no meeting. If they do, use your best judgement to tell the person if you're even the right person to meet with. An agenda doesn't guarantee a time slot. You don't have to take every meeting asked of you. I repeat, you don't have to take every meeting asked of you. Now, you say it. Now, let's live it.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett