Ready to Reach New Levels?

If you’re stagnate in your position at the office and stuck about what to do next, it’s time to break out of that rut and hit some new levels. It’s tempting to never admit weakness. Get over that quickly.

How can you grow quickly? Obviously, reading is crucial. You should always have a book or two working.[1] It’s also a great idea to follow some bloggers who can speak into your field. In my opinion one of the most important way to hit a new level is to get coaching from someone who’s doing your job at a higher level.

I work at a good sized church, but am getting monthly coaching from guys in a church one generation further along. Every few months I speak with a church two generations out. A couple times a year I meet for thirty minutes to an hour with an executive at a church three generations away from where I am.

Take time to heed to their warnings, pay attention to their coaching, and listen their advice. They’ve most likely dealt with the same issues you are dealing with now, it’s like talking to someone from the future.

Reach out and get that coaching. How do you develop those relationships?

  • Look at the website of a company in your field and look for a contact who has a similar title. Email them briefly and to the point. I’ve never been turned down or not replied back to.
  • Look for networking events and opportunities, find the help you need.
  • Talk to friends in your field and ask them where they’re getting their advice.

A busy leader further along than you isn’t going to shoot you an email asking for any of your time. It’s up to you to make that coaching happen.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett