Responding to Every Email?

Jocelyn Glei has some great thoughts from Seth Godin, Scott Belsky, and my personal favorite Simon Sinek of "Start With Why" fame sharing their thoughts on responding to every email.


No, you shouldn’t. But many people do, because there doesn’t seem to be a great alternative. It’s asymmetrical, and productivity loses to politeness.


Emails are like rabbits, they reproduce at an exorbitant rate. The more you send, the more you get. So many people complain about all the emails they get, my question is, how many emails do you send?Sending one email to 5 people could produce 5 emails back. Overwhelmed by all the emails I would get, I decided to stop sending as many. Now, when I have something to ask or tell someone, I pick up the phone and call them.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett