Hoboken Coffee Roasters Gets It

Hoboken Coffee Roasters is one of my favorite coffee shops in the world. I love making that 40 minute trip up the highway to this friendly shop with some dang good coffee. I also love that this is a business that gets it. They understand that rest is crucial to providing sustained excellence.

Hoboken on why they are shutting down for a week:

Long before we opened the doors to Hoboken we always talked about giving ourselves two vacations in the course of a year. Once in the Winter/Spring and once in the Summer. We committed to closing the store and not just letting employees operate the cafe while we rest. We wanted everyone and everything to take a break including owners, employees, and equipment. These breaks will re-energize our staff and give us a fresh perspective on how to serve and create better.

What do you need to stop doing for a short time to gain perspective and energy for the remainder of the year?

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett