How Do You Procrastinate?

Hey, you guys, quit procrastinating. We've got work to do. Do any of these ways of procrastinating resonate with you?

  • You avoid projects because the fear of failing is so great. You'd rather have nothing done than to have the project done incorrectly and be seen as a failure.
  • Maybe you're indecisive so you ask a ton of questions via email and hope you don't get replies. That way it's not on you, you did your due diligence. Blame shifting becomes easy. I can relate to this one.
  • You procrastinate because you love the adrenaline rush of finishing a project at the last minute. Hitting SEND on that email one minute before its due just feels great to you.
  • Sometimes you are so focused on excellence that you restart and restart and restart the project until you get it just right. Yep, another form of procrastination.
  • How about just being too busy. You never reach the end of your to-do list or the bottom of your email inbox so everything is in a constant state of being delayed.

We are a people who typically finish what we start. To get real work done, we have to sort out how we procrastinate, fight it, and take those baby steps towards work completion.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett