Never Stop Learning

We're living in an odd time. We have access to gigantic heaps of information, but tend to live among the trash. If we're going to keep growing, maturing, and developing in our skills, we need to learn how to self-educate. Not self medicate.

Paul Jun at 99U:

But how do we foster this desire to learn? Don’t we all want to learn? Who ever says, “I really hate learning new things?” Yet, in the midst of searching for security and comfort, I think we often lose sight of what’s important and enter a sort of tunnel vision that can lead to stagnation. After a long day at work, Netflix sounds more seductive than spending one or two hours diving into a book that challenges you to think deeply about what you do and who you are.

That said, complacency does not beget success. In today’s networked age, companies and jobs rise and fall in a matter of months. That thing you do? There’s now an app for that, for free. Or there will be soon. That job title of yours could change next week. When thinking about our careers, no one is safe.

It's time to self-educate, what are you doing to grow? Check out the linked post to find several ways to sustain a passion for learning. (click the arrow on the title)

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett