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Getting old sucks. Trigger warning. Getting old and fat is even worse. Struggling with weight is my thing. I can get lean-ish and then hit the holidays and put on double digit pounds. The weight is trending down right now and a lot of that is due to the concept of intermittent fasting. The information coming out is looking good.

When you dig through the data, it starts to get pretty exciting. It decreases breast cancer risk and recurrence by as much as 36%, improves sleep, has positive effects on markers of systemic inflammation, and regulates blood glucose levels and other aging biomarkers. Furthermore, Dr. Longo’s clinical trials have demonstrated efficacy for type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer patients.
The plan is to eat during a specific window of time, but found myself grabbing a snack or three outside the window. Accountability, I figured “there’s an iOS app for that,” and sure enough there was. Zero by The Kevin Rose.

What is the app? Well, it’s a pretty timer. A timer that tells you when you can have Zero food. Thus the simple name. There’s also some videos spewing science. You can watch those if you’d like, but the main part is the timer and its notifications. Wait, one other important thing, the data tracking. Very important.

The easy way to start is with the default plan, the 13 hour timer. Don’t eat for 13 hours, eat clean the other hours. Oh, and don’t eat after sunset lest you go from Mogwai to Gremlin.

Lawyer talk, don’t do this without talking to a doctor. Seems prudent to say this as getting sued would be a terrible way to spend my time.

via Introducing “Zero,” a new app to help you fast – Medium

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett