Owning Polaroids Older Than Me - Younger Too


Yeah, I have too many oddly shaped cameras. Some pop up, some pop out, some do a combo of the two, some are older than I am, and some still need to be birthed. The one I’m longing for right now shoots them digitally and prints them out on the spot. Yeah, they’ve had something similar for a while now, but look at those photos! They finally have the appropriate frame around them. Yeah, I know it’s fake, but nostalgia can feel very real if you pretend hard enough.

The Pop is just like its predecessors in that it’s not just an instant camera — it’s also a digital camera, meaning you can shoot in either format or both at the same time. What’s refreshing about the specs of the Pop, though, is that this time around the internals actually seem decent on paper.
via The Polaroid Pop prints 3-inch photos and has a 20-megapixel sensor - The Verge

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett