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Transcript of The Maven’s Top Three Podcast

  • Hello, howdy, how you doing? What a week, what a week. I’m proud to announce that our little podcast is gaining traction. This is because of you, the fine listeners to this little station that could. The last episode had the most downloads yet, and we’re going to keep on rolling out great information and even better quality podcasts.
  • We’re recording live from the RV of enlightenment, my tiny home on the acreage, and have a great episode lined out for you. What are we talking about? My top three wireless speaker recommendations for whole house listening.
  • Weekly, I put out episode requests for topics you’d like to see me research. Last week Ryan, over on Facebook, what the best way to get music through his house was. Today, we will cover just that. Getting that delicious ear juice though you halls, into your bedrooms, and into your kitchens.
  • I wish I could tell you that there are tons of quality reliable systems that broadcast various streaming sources to recommend for you, but house-wide speaker systems matching that criteria are difficult to find.
  • I’m Rex Barrett with Maven’s Top Three and I do the hard work of gathering what's best in media, tech, and fun then pass my TOP THREE lists on to you.

Segment One - Sonos Play:1

  • Do you have a Bluetooth speaker? I do, and when I’m listening to music it is constantly being interrupted by the notifications from my phone, like texts, calls, and various bings and dings. See, that’s the issue with Bluetooth, it’s passing on any sound your phone is making to the connected speaker.
  • This is why I’m placing the Sonos Play:1 at the tip-top of today’s Top Three. The Sonos speaker connects to the internet instead of streaming from your phone. Think about what this means, your volume isn’t paired to your phone so each speaker in each room can be at a different level. Big living room, BOOM, cranked. Tiny bathroom, little boom, not cranked. All of this driven through an app on any of your devices.
  • The Sonos also does a unified search through each of the streaming services when you’re looking for music. So, in my case, I have Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, MLB, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. I recently dropped Apple Music, but it does that too. Yeah, I have quite a few services. Guess what, Sonos streams every one of those and many more. You might not recognize the phrase “unified search” so let me explain it in an action you might use already. If you have a Roku or AppleTV, you’ve probably done a direct search for a movie, allowing the little black boxes to find which service the movie streams. Same with the Sonos and your music.
  • You won’t be able to add other speakers into the mix because Sonos keeps their little system locked down to just their speakers. This is not a bad thing, as they sound amazing and come in a handsome setup that will look good placed around your house. Oh, and these speakers won’t be obsolete anytime soon. Sonos keeps pumping out firmware upgrades to ensure that the speaker you buy will last a good long time.
  • The Sonos Play:1 goes for $199 per speaker, but if you’ve priced higher end Bluetooth speakers lately, you’ll immediately recognize that this price ain’t too shabby. I fully recommend you buy a house full of the Play:1.
  • Now, if you have richer tastes, you might want an even more powerful speaker. Let me introduce you to the Sonos Play:5. It’s literally four better. Well, actually it has six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers, so it’s even better than that, actually. This guarantees a room full of rich sound. It’ll set you back $499.
  • You want a wireless soundbar for your home theater? Pick up the Playbase, it brags about giving you full theater sound and contains a 10 speaker array internally. Pair the with the Sonos Sub and a couple of Play:1s and you’ll have full surround sound. You’ll be rocking in under five minutes. Yeah, that’s all the time it takes to set these beauties up.
  • So, sure, these are a bit spendy, but come on, full wireless sound all over your house? Heck yeah.
  • Again, for those of you just looking to place a couple speakers around the house, you have the Play:1s at $199 each.
  • Head to http://Maven.Show to see the full transcript of this episode and I’ve put every link, affiliate, of course, for you to get your speakers on Amazon today.

Segment Two - Google Chromecast Audio Dongle

  • Want a cheaper solution? Well, it’s way less elegant and doesn’t stream the huge number of options that Sonos does, but it’ll get the dang job done.
  • The Chromecast dongle is a little puck that plugs into the minijack that the Bluetooth speakers you have all over your house probably sport on the back of them. At $35 from Walmart, you can pick up a few and use the speakers you probably already have. But, if you want to buy more speakers, just head to Amazon and pick up a few decently rated ones, place the setup around your house, and you’re playing tunes in no time.
  • There isn’t a slick app to do a unified search, instead, you open Spotify, for example, and send it to the Chromecast. Thus, the word “cast”. You’re broadcasting to the little wireless puck and the speakers you’ll connect. Now, remember, you’re casting it there, so you’re still not broadcasting from your phone, you’re streaming from the cloud. You’ll still get the cool benefit of not having your notifications ruining your music experience.
  • If you have an Android phone or use the Chrome browser on your computer, you can mirror your audio. Sorry, iOS.

Segment Three - Amazon Echo Dot

  • Now, this isn’t a house-wide solution, but it’s going to be one day. Hopefully. Maybe. String together five Echo Dots and music will play everywhere, this is the dream, but it is also the future. Echo synchronization is supposed to come sometime in 2017.
  • Until then, what’s a girl to do? Well, let’s connect some Bluetooth speakers TO THE ECHO DOT. Get one $50 Dot and a few JLab House Party Bluetooth speakers and you can add a room for $99, totally controlled by your voice.
  • I’m a huge Texas Rangers baseball fan, so I listen to sports radio out of Dallas, Tx.I just say, “Alexa, play The Ticket radio station" and I have instant sports radio. How about, "Alexa, play Motley Crue." I'll immediately hear Kickstart My Heart, much to the chagrin of my wife.

023 Wrap up and how to connect

  • Whew, that was a deep dive into wireless speakers for your whole house. There’s not $20 way out of this thing. If you’re looking for your house to be wonderfully saturated with sweet tunes, you’re going to have to pay a bit. But, this is why we work and earn money, right? We want to have nice things.
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