Show Notes: Top Three Phone Battery Packs

Having a conversation over on about what the top battery packs for our phones are. Wanted to post links to my recommendations.

The Jackery Bolt has over 600 reviews on Amazon and sits at 4.5 stars. It’ll charge your  phone a couple times through the day. It’s super legit because it can fuel your iPhone or Android phone as it comes with both Lightening and Micro USB cables built in! At only $27.99 it’s a dang steal. Fits in my hand like one of those fun colored iPods we used to all own.

When I go to conferences or on trips I like to whip out this bigger battery. This is the Anker Powercore 20100. People, it’s amazing. It charges my big phone about five or six times from zero percent to 100%. It can charge my iPad Pro, then charge my phone, each a couple of times. Fantastic deal at only $40. It has nearly 11,000 reviews on Amazon and sits at 4.5 stars.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett