Show Notes: Lav Mic Recommendations

On this episode, I’m responding to a call-in from Jazz Wealth Podcast.

I went down the rabbit hole and spent way too many hours figuring out what lavalier microphone to buy. The top three inexpensive recommendations were always the same, though the three were in different orders. Here’s my top three in the order I recommend.

#1 BOYA by M1 - This is the one I bought. The sound is crisp and clear, build seems okay, and it can be used with your phone or an SLR. The only drawback is the exceedingly long cable, but I think I can mitigate that with some clever winding. $19.95 on Amazon with four stars.

#2 IK Multimedia iRig - I was super tempted to buy this one. The cable was the perfect length, it has a second input for adding another lav mic. Alas, I just couldn’t get past the bass the mic threw out. Sure I could fix it in post, but I don’t want to have to do anything. I want to get it right the first time. $49.99 on Amazon with 4.5 stars.

#3 Rode smartLav+ - This one sounds good, but the cable is too short for some distance work and it’s priced above the other two options. I don’t think the extra cost is worth it. $66.70 on Amazon with four stars.

Please note, these are affiliate links.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett