Let's Solve This Burnout Issue: Part One - Address It Now


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You’re taking on too much. You’ve got the job, the family, the second job, the hobby job, the hobby that isn’t yet a job, and then the several hours of computer, iPhone, and iPad “work” you do too. You have conflict in each of these areas, physical and mental stress hits and it accumulates. I’m going to share three ideas that will help you avoid burnout and have the energy to be present both at home and at the office. Please keep listening through point number three, it’s been a life changer for me, personally!

I’m Rex Barrett and this is The Maven Show. I want you to learn new things so you can enjoy your whole life.

Friends, it’s time to address the mess

Let’s get something straight, you weren’t designed to take on as much as you’re taking on across your whole life. You weren’t created to carry the unresolved conflict sitting on your shoulders. The tension at work, the arguments at home, the Facebook comments that turn into fights… It is all too much.

Let’s figure out some ways to dial down that stress. It’s time to learn some new things and maybe just change your whole life.

  • One - It might be time to pause Facebook for a while. Address what could be a bad habit that takes away from your life. You might just need to stop for a while. Maybe it's Snapchat or Anchor, maybe it's Instagram. Whatever. Feel free to let that daily posting streak DIE. For most people, it's not your job. I promise you have the freedom to not keep tabs on the people you went to high school with 20 years ago.
  • Two - Address your soul's depleted gas tank. Take a vacation. Not the stressful trip to Disney World, the one where you lay out at the pool and read, rest, relax. These don't have to cost too much. Just take off. Head to a place you'd enjoy. My wife and I have taken off to Colorado Springs. Popped up a tent and watched movies in the mountains. It wasn't about packing the trip full, it was about resting. Couple tanks of gas, a cooler and a trunk full of food, and under $20 a day to sit at the base of Pike's Peak. You can do this, people!
  • Three - And please keep listening, because this is one of the most important steps and it really could change your work and home life. Address that co-worker or family member you're feuding with. Take the high road, apologize for the problem, give a chance for forgiveness to happen. It will for sure trigger some upfront tension. Resolving it now will relieve a lot of stress... Don't let it fester too long. Allowing a five-minute conversation to take over your next week, your next month, a full year, or the rest of your life. Have that conversation. Bring some peace back into your life. Additionally, how terrible is it that we allow tension in relationships at work keep us from fully enjoying our families while we're home. That nagging feeling in the back of our minds, it's time to make that go away!

Wrap up and how to connect

  • Well, there we go, my friends. We have another episode in the books! Three steps I use frequently and now you can use them to dial down stress in your lives too.
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