Burnout, Stress, Relationships, and Getting Healthy

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Andrea Ayres writes the following in a post entitled “How to Bounce Back after Burning Out”.

By the time I was willing to admit to myself that I was burnt out, it was too late. I had withdrawn socially and stopped sleeping. I found myself crying during the middle of the day for no good reason at all. I just wanted to do better, to work as hard as I thought everyone else around me was working. It was easier for me to tell myself to work harder than it was for me to face the truth—that I needed a break.

I run into burned out or nearly burned out people every day. This is a bigger issue than most people pay any attention to until it’s too late. Let’s not wait until then. Let’s take some steps to address burnout before it takes you out. This is a follow-up to last week’s episode, so please download and listen to that episode too.

So, how can we get to the place where we are able to get healthy, take a break, and let the ancient magic of rejuvenation take place?

Oh, it’ll take work! Here are a couple more steps to help us get back to health.

  • One: I’m going to talk to couples for a minute. Go get counseling. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples in my life, and here’s something I’ve observed.
    • First, many wait for counseling until things are just absolutely terrible. Like, you’ve been miserable for years, instead of having joyful lives, you’ve allowed things to head to the gutter. Maybe, someone has finally threw out the words divorce or break-up in a for real manner, not just the threat. That’s when the door is finally open to having a professional speak into their lives.
    • Second, and let me speak to the dudes out there. Your significant other says, “we need some help” and you just brush it off. For me, it was 100% tied to my pridefulness. I figured I could read a book over a weekend and fix all of HER problems. Here’s the deal guys, a third party can help you see your blind spots. A real professional will help you grow and get more from your relationship. And the same is true the other way, she’ll grow and get more from you in the relationship. They help with the five and take the rights and wrongs. Couples counseling was one of the primary ways my marriage was saved. We’re wrapping up year 20 right now. Yes, that means we were married at 18 & 21. We’ll talk more about that some other time.
  • Two: The most practical answers that everyone already knows. Get more sleep. Actually, go to the gym. Eat better. I know, I know, it’s the standard answer. But you know what? I could show you hundreds, maybe even thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show you hormonally; psychologically, and physically what it can do for you. So, it’s a matter of doing it. For working out, put it as a time block in your calendar, just like you would an appointment with your boss at work. For food, don’t focus on the end game, it’s just too much. Focus on each good decision you need to make as the day progresses. Make good decisions and if necessary make better bad decisions. For sleep, good luck, I’ve not figured that one out yet. But maybe you’ve figured this sleep thing out. Call in if you have any solutions for getting the right amount. Help us all out!

Wrap up

  • According to Scientific American, exposure to constant stress releases the hormones epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol within the body. These hormones block your ability to properly process information—among a host of other health issues they cause.
  • Your physical and mental resources need time to regenerate. You didn’t lose them overnight, so you can’t expect to gain them back overnight either. Inch by inch, step by step, brothers and sisters…
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