Renewing Your Mind | How to Pray According to God's Word

I’ve elevated my study of the Bible over the last few years, but my prayer life is a place I have room to grow. The Renewing Your Mind Podcast had a great teaching by the late great R.C. Sproul today unpacking the impact of Luther on his prayer life.

I’ve been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years and have not heard the story of Luther’s barber asking him how to pray. Yes, Luther’s master barber that the whole town called Master Peter. The little book that Luther wrote him is so good and I’m going to work Luther’s plan into my prayer time. It’s gold.

Download A Simple Way to Pray (For Master Peter the Barber), it’s a quick read that could impact your whole life. Additionally, hit the title of the post above as it’s a link to the podcast episode from Renewing Your Mind.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett