Ops at Frontline. Chaplain for OKC Dodgers. Loving Guthrie, OK.


This is me; I’m old, born in 1976. This is my family; we’re still kinda new as my little girl was born in 2010. Welcome to a little space I’ve carved out on a tool called Micro.blog; it’s a little community of microblogs. It’s a kinda like Twitter, except there are no likes, no follower counts, and I own all my own content.

I have an itch that needs to be scratched, and that’s putting out new content. Now, this new content won’t be great, let’s just get that out there now. It will, however, be moderately interesting, if you like photography, theology, productivity, sports (Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, OKC Dodgers), and my family.

Documenting my life and thoughts has actually been a thing for a while, but I reset whenever the inclination hits. It’s time for that reset! And Micro.blog is a near-frictionless way to get short and long thoughts out there.

I’ve written for a long time, so let’s take a look at the past iterations.

• Scroll back in time on this site—I’ve imported a lot from my Wordpress days, which will take you as far back as 2014.
Personal Tumblr - Goes back to 2007 and encapsulates some good and bad times in the life of a blogger and a lot of photos from my art show days. The further you go back in time the stupider it gets.
ProjectOKC Tumblr - Chronicles the rise and fall of a non-profit I ran from 2009-2011. A social network for good. Theology was all over the place, at the time, as I had recently transitioned out of a church job and into the non-profit world. It all worked out in the end.

Rex Barrett @rexbarrett